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Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program

About the Program

The Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) program at Rutgers School of Health Related Professions is a state and university sponsored effort to provide access to higher education for economically and educationally disadvantaged individuals. EOF provides educational opportunities for low-income New Jersey residents who are motivated and demonstrate potential to succeed in college but who may have been denied admission due to the lack of access to a quality educational experience.

The Rutgers SHRP-EOF program administers a summer program and an academic year program designed to ensure academic success of each student.

The Summer Program

Whether students are returning to school after a long absence or have recently completed high school the EOF Summer Program is especially designed to make the adjustment to college easier.

The six-week program begins in late June/early July and ends the first week of August. The Summer Program provides small group instruction, tutoring, counseling, and motivational workshops. Students have the opportunity to strengthen their skills in the areas of anatomy/physiology, mathematics, chemistry and writing.

Funding for the Summer Program is provided for all students who are eligible to participate. Students receive books, supplies and a weekly stipend.

The Academic Year Program

The Rutgers SHRP-EOF Academic Year Program is designed to enhance students academic performance during enrollment in their professional programs by assisting with the resources to overcome academic difficulties which they may encounter.

All EOF students will participate in additional developmental activities. Attendance at meetings, workshops, tutoring and counseling sessions are required. The EOF grant is included in the student's financial aid package.

How do students qualify for EOF?

To be considered for EOF a student must meet the following requirements:

  • Is a legal resident of the state of New Jersey for at least twelve consecutive months.
  • Is or will be enrolled full time (12 credits) in a SHRP undergraduate program.
  • Has not completed a bachelor's degree.
  • Has an economic background that reflects a history of low income.
  • Show proof of income that falls within the state mandated guidelines.
  • File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA may be obtained at
  • EOF students must meet the guidelines set by the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education

What services do EOF students receive?

  • Orientation sessions
  • Academic, personal and career counseling
  • Tutoring in professional courses
  • Academic skills workshops
  • Student leadership development
  • Financial aid assistance

How to Apply

  • EOF applications are available in the Rutgers SHRP-Office of Student Affairs located in the Stanley S. Bergen Building Room 101, or call (973) 972-7939 to have an application mailed or visit this link to download an EOF Application

Submit application in person or by mail to:
Sandie Armand, Program Supervisor for Student and Alumni Affairs
Stanley S. Bergen Building
65 Bergen Street

Room 101

Newark, NJ 07101

What happens after applying?

  • Upon receipt of the application and appropriate documents, a member of the EOF staff will contact students regarding their eligibility.
  • If eligible for EOF, student will attend a mandatory EOF Orientation and sign a EOF contract for services.
  • Meet with the counselor to set up regular contact schedule.

Location: Newark Campus, SHRP- Office of Student Affairs

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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