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New Undergraduate Course Offering!! 
IDST 3500 Fundamental Statistics in the Health Sciences

This online course focuses on the introductory statistical techniques used in health science research.  Students are provided with an introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics.  Further students will be introduced to concepts such as reliability, validity, measures of central tendency, variability, probability, and statistical techniques such as independent and dependent t-tests.  Students are expected to take the material/concepts presented in class and apply them through a series of homework assignments and quizzes.  The overall goal of the course is not only to help students understand the mathematical/statistical concepts presented but also to assist in the application of these procedures.  This is a great opportunity for students to learn about statistics using an interprofessional approach beginning, fall 2015!

For more information about the course, contact Dr. Tracy Davis, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies.  Email address:

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Role Model - Joseph Cali

After being paralyzed, alumnus Joseph Cali (SHRP Class of 2014 - Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Counseling Professions) is now eager to help others like himself, thanks to rehabilitation and Rutgers.  Read more...

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Associate Dean for Faculty Development - Dr. Kenneth Gill

In his new role as Associate Dean for Faculty Development, Ken’s responsibilities will include meeting with chairs, program directors and faculty to identify strengths upon which scholarly endeavors might be pursued in terms of discovery (original research), integration of clinical and research knowledge, and allied health pedagogy. As part of his strategic plan for faculty development he will conduct meetings to determine potential barriers and challenges to pursuit of specific scholarly endeavors, develop recommendations of policies and procedures regarding promoting scholarship and faculty development, facilitate collaborations among faculty to promote scholarly activities and work with SHRP Faculty Development Committee to provide faculty development activities for SHRP faculty related to scholarly activity.

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Associate Dean for Interprofessional Education and Practice - Dr. Alma Merians

In her new role as SHRP Associate Dean for Interprofessional Education and Practice she will develop an IPE strategic plan which she will implement with the support of the Dean’s office, and will work with the Rutgers Health Interprofessional Practice Committee and the Dean’s office to identify interprofessional clinical practice opportunities for faculty and students.

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Director for Strategic Initiatives and Planning - Ms. Alexis Fulks

In her new role as the director of planning and strategic initiatives for SHRP Alexis will oversee the day-to-day operations of high-priority projects/initiatives including the strategic plan, faculty development initiatives in collaboration with Dr. Ken Gill and the Dean's office, Interprofessional education initiatives in collaboration with Dr. Alma Merians and the Dean's office , the state authorization initiative in collaboration with Dr. Ann Tucker and Enrollment Services, and will serve as the liaison to Rutgers office of Governmental Relations.

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Learn and Lead

SHRP's Viewbook

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Questions about Plagiarism?

Need help with citations? See what you need to know about Plagiarism, from the New Jersey State Bar Foundation, funded by the IOTLA Fund of the Bar of New Jersey:

Federal student privacy statute (FERPA)

The U. S. Department of Education has published a short, informative pamphlet concerning the federal student privacy statute (FERPA) and safety concerns at universities. You can access the pamphlet at

If you have any questions concerning student privacy and permitted disclosures, please contact me and I'll try to help.


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Student Impairment & Student Intervention

SWP Building Healthy Relationships

If you would like to add content to the SHRP News & Events page, or if you just have a comment or question, please email: 





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