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iTunes U

Before You Begin

iTunes U is a service that is hosted by Apple and that allows colleges and universities a place to provide educational media files for students. Audio and video files can be downloaded and played back on an MP3 player, PC or Mac.

Before accessing iTunes U you must have iTunes version 7 or newer installed on your computer, which can be downloaded for free. For other system requirements please go to one of the following:

Windows Requirements | Macintosh Requirements


Accessing iTunes U

  1. Go to and login.
  2. Click on the Education Tab, near the top of the screen.
  3. UMDNJ/iTunesU link located on the Education Tab
    Click the UMDNJ/iTunesU link, located under University-wide Education (in the UMDNJ Education Toolbox Channel).
  4. A new browser window should open (if not, make sure you don't have any pop-up blockers enabled). Click the Login to iTunesU link.
  5. If you are prompted with a disclaimer click the I Agree button to continue.

If iTunes is installed on your computer it will automatically launch and take you to SHRP's iTunesU course page. If you are enrolled in any courses that uses iTunesU you should see them listed.


Using iTunes U

After you enter an iTunes U course you should see a screen similar to the one below.

Screenshot of iTunes

1. Media Playback Controls - near the top left of the screen you will see buttons that allow you to control the media that is presently playing.

2. Library - On the left side of the screen you will see Library items which allow you to access content that you have already downloaded onto your computer.

3. iTunes Store - This is located under the Library and will take you back to your course content.

4. Navigation Bar - This runs along the page, near the top, and allows you regress back to previous pages via Breadcrumbs (that show your history) and Back / Forward buttons.

5. GET TRACKS button - Downloads all objects in the selected course page into your iTunes library.

6. SUBSCRIBE button - subscribes to the podcast and downloads the most recent file into your iTunes Podcasts library. As new files become available iTunes automatically downloads them. Recently added episodes that have not been downloaded to iTunes appear dimmed. Note: It is recommended that before Subscribing to your course content, you first click the Get Tracks button, since subscribing ONLY downloads the most recently added file.

7. Navigation Tabs - Some courses may use multiple tabs, which are used to organize separate lists of files.

8. File Listing - The bottom part of the screen displays the available media files for the current course. Double-clicking a file here will allow you to sample the file without downloading.

9. GET button - Downloads the selected object into your iTunes library.


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